Monthly Archive 2018-11-21

Time to book vacation 2019

Why we love Fuengirola, Mijas, Malaga, Andalucia in Spain:

  • The Sun – Costa del Sol has almost 320 days sunshine. The beach is clean and 8 km long, 4 km from the house.
  • The Culture – Andalucia has a marvellous amount of culture spaces, its history is so rich. The Mezquita in Cordoba, Alhambra in Granada, Ronda and much much more only a maximum two hours by car from the villa.
  • Hot evenings and nights – You can surely prepare a dinnerparty outside without rain or guests freezing. Or spend the evening in Fuengirola eating out, with a good drink afterwards.
  • The food is fantastic- Fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood cooked in spanish traditional way or maybe as tapas. Fuengirola has a long tradition of multicultural society which leads to a wide range of exotic restaurants and food, libanese, chinese, japonese, italian, marockan, swedish, finish, english and much much more.
  • The atmosphere – Andalucia has a kind of layed back view of life, calm and social. You will see the spanish families, small children and their grandfathers joined together a late sunday night. Thats not common elsewhere.
  • Fiestas – If you´re lucky you may have your vacation when a big Feria is taken place. Feria de Los Pueblos its a happening with almost 50 countries celebrating their own specialties in dance, food, drinks and dress – Its fantastic!!! 2019 the dates will be 30th of april til 5th of may. Feria del Rosario is another amazing Fiesta taken place in Fuengirola as well. The most fantastic dresses of a spanish lady, gentleman or child. Your cant imagine how many different dresses there are. The beautiful spanish decorated horses – wow!