Congratulations, you are interested to rent the Villa Sofistica 🙂

Here´s some instruction for you to come further in your booking.

How do I book and pay?

The first thing – contact us via email and ask of availability and other questions you have, then read below the practical things.

  1. The registration fee is 10% of the total booking amount and its charged when reservation is made and shall be payed within 10 days. This registration fee is deducted from the rent. If not registration fee is payed you may risk to lose your booking.
  2. To make a booking complete and confirmed the full payment must been payed 30 days before arrival.
  3. If the full payment is not done within 30 days before arrival, we start searching for new tennant to your reserved booking dates.
  4. A damage deposit of 1000€ before arrival must be payed. A receipt should be sent to us via email, this is also your receipt to get the payment back when checkout is done. Please read the conditions to get the deposit back under Policies in the website menu.
  5. The booking is confirmed when the guest has payed the registration fee or the whole renting amount.


How about cancellation?

  • Cancellation need to be done by email and the renter are obliged to confirm back by email.
  • If cancellation occurs before 40 days before arrival you only need to pay the 10% registration fee.
  • If cancellation occurs after 40 days before arrival you need to pay 90% of the total amount .
  • If the guest already have payed, the renter is obliged to refund the difference back.
  • If the house is managed to be rented to an other guest, an amount corresponding to the new tenant’s rent will be refunded, less an expense fee
    at 50€.



SEPT – OCT 400€ 2000€ 3
NOV – MARS 300€ 1500€ 3
APRIL – MAY 400€ 2000€ 3
JUNE – AUG 3000€ 7